About Us

Elaine and Steve Kaufman

An Award Winning Gallery of Fine Designer Jewelry Since 1977

The owners of Ladyfingers Gallery have always had the urge to travel; Steve hit the “hippie” trail 50 years ago on a year long adventure through Europe ending with a 5 week stay in the Marrakech campgrounds. Elaine was inspired by his stories of Europe and the romance of Morocco, and later by a yoga instructor who had lived in Nepal and had traveled extensively in Asia.

Together they had numerous trips to Europe, Asia, Mexico and North Africa. They have been robbed in the Paris Metro, overcharged and tricked by taxi drivers from Beijing to Barcelona, and have come close to dying  when their chauffeured Toyota Land Cruiser nearly slid off a 16,000 ft pass on a LONELY dirt road in Tibet. Despite these perils, the often blistering heat, questionable restroom facilities, and various traveler’s illnesses, they would not have changed a thing.  They believe that the adventure of it all has been worth it, as they have seen the most incredible things and met the most wonderful people from all walks of life. 

Their adventures have influenced and inspired the look and feel of their gallery which was opened in 1977. They are committed to finding the most creative and exciting jewelry available, not always for the public taste, but for an extremely discriminating and self confident clientele.

Their gallery has been mentioned in major publications such Departures Magazine, LA Style, San Francisco Chronical, Best Places in California, and travel websites.  It has received the award for top designer gallery of the year from the Contemporary Design Group, voted one of the top 25 designer galleries by Lustre Magazine and has received consecutive designer retailer of the year awards from the JCK.

Now after 43 years, Ladyfingers has been recognized as a destination for presenting internationally recognized designers, icons of the jewelry world, many of whom have work in major collections and museums world wide.