About Us

Elaine and Steve Kaufman

An Award Winning Gallery of Fine Designer Jewelry Since 1977

The proprietors of Ladyfingers Gallery have always been consumed by wanderlust. Their journey into the world of exploration began half a century ago when Steve embarked on a 12-month odyssey through Europe, following the well-worn "hippie" trail. His transformative adventure culminated with a captivating five-week sojourn in the campgrounds of Marrakesh. Elaine, equally captivated by Steve's tales of European marvels and the allure of Morocco, found her own inspiration. She was also influenced by a yoga instructor with extensive travel experience in Asia and a deep connection to Nepal.

As a couple, they embarked on countless voyages across Europe, Asia, Mexico, and North Africa. Along the way, they encountered a series of misadventures, from petty thefts in the Paris Metro to tangles with overzealous taxi drivers from Beijing to Barcelona. They even faced a life-threatening moment when their chauffeured Toyota Land Cruiser teetered precariously on a desolate dirt road in Tibet at a staggering 16,000 feet above sea level. Despite these perilous escapades, enduring scorching heat, confronting questionable restroom facilities, and grappling with various traveler's ailments, Steve and Elaine cherish every moment. They firmly believe that the thrill of the unknown has enriched their lives, allowing them to witness the most astounding wonders and connect with extraordinary individuals from diverse backgrounds.

These adventures have profoundly impacted their perspective, ultimately shaping the ambiance and aesthetic of their gallery, which they proudly established in 1977. Committed to sourcing the most imaginative and captivating jewelry for a discerning and confident clientele, Ladyfingers Gallery quickly gained recognition and accolades. Their dedication to excellence led to features in prominent publications such as Departures Magazine, LA Style, San Francisco Chronicle, Best Places in California, and numerous travel websites. The gallery was honored as the top designer gallery of the year by the Contemporary Design Group, named one of the top 25 designer galleries by Lustre Magazine, and received consecutive awards for designer retailer of the year from the JCK, solidifying its reputation as a beacon of creativity and excellence in the world of jewelry and design.